About Us

Showcasing the creativity and originality of Haiti’s artists and artisans online.


Crafts, clothing, Haitian jewelry and other Haitian creations are showcased on CCBoutik, an online marketplace open to all Haitian craftsmen, writers and manufacturers of a wide range of tangible products whose aim is to sell and promote their products at the international level.


Purchase Haitian Art and Crafts

  • • Discover new artists and artisans .
  • • Discover handmade articles, paintings, jewelry and other creations typical of Haiti.
  • • Receive them anywhere and everywhere around the world.


Sell your art abroad

  • • Create a personalized website on CCBoutik, and pay a monthly fee based on the number of products showcased online.
  • • Grow your online business.
  • • Grow your customer base locally and internationally.



The CCBoutik.com project has been designed to assist Haitian vendors to position their creations through a personalized website. 

More than just a “virtual mall” where these artists showcase their products online, CCboutik also provides them with the required tools to promote their work on the web and on social media.



CCBoutik.com wishes to promote the development of craftsmanship in Haiti by giving access to vendors in all 10 departments to the international market.