12 Women Clothing Trends of 2018 That You Don’t Want To Miss

Fashion is not only a style statement but also reveal your standard of living. With changing colors and fabrics, fashion trends please the eyes and selections of the group who are highly encouraged with fashionista!

With a never-ending race of changing fashion every second, how can you not change your statement with the New Year, 2018?

Let’s discuss the essential changes what you need by this year:

1) Street style

Street style

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Enough of the imitation statement, let’s follow the street style with a pinch of stripes fabrics and vibrant colors. This year, let’s tell winters what colors are all about! Forget those grey shades in winters and follow the bright patterns following the uniqueness of your charm!

2) BRed


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The persona of merging black and red is extravagant which never loses its royalty and style statement. Let’s continue the same royalty with some styling on your bottoms.

All it takes is a right combination of fabrics and scissors, and you are good to go!

3) Let your feet groom

Let your feet groom

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Why not choosing floral prints for your heels? Yes, you heard it right! Floral prints are nearly common as a style statement, but you can start the queue of unique statements with subtle fabrics and floral footwear. And why not!

Let your creativity function the statement of your own. A fashion statement is what you decide for yourself under your creative pattern and comfort.

4) Exotic golden:

Exotic golden

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Pamper yourself with some glittery and exotic golden fabrics in summers of 2018. Feel the wind of charm and WOW factor in your dressing this year.

Why not coach with the wind and let the golden shade be pride to your personality. Attention will not be an issue then because all the eyes will turn up to you in the hall.

5. The authenticity of ethics:

The authenticity of ethics

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Be it a family function or a wedding to attend; you can see all the flares with the combination of dark shades to give a royal charm to your personality.

Enough of the bright ethnic wear, you need some change in the dark authenticity to prove to your family and friend, what fashion means to you! Darker shades are always a glamour choice that compliments every skin color.

6. Shady shared

Shady shared

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Be it any family of the color, if you carry a shady clutch or a handbag with the gaudy statement, all the eyes will stay by your side. The royalty and meaning carried with the shades of darks are always encouraged and eye catchy in the audience. So choose the darks as your best option in the category of woman bags and purses.

7. Customized shirting

Customized shirting

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Shirts can never fade with time, and that’s for sure! Well, of course, it will be boring to wear the same shirting fabrication again, but how about customizing a little bit! Grab your needle and get creative with your shirting. Transform the same into a crop top which perfectly blends with ripped jeans and floral heels.

The combination is a die for an idea that one can realize in their creative space. Shirting fabrics are the real deal in Haiti fashion, so one can choose their color and blend from Haitian fashion sites too.

8. Flats for comfort!

Flats for comfort

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Heels can be painful of course and not an excellent choice for casual meets. So how about a quick standby tool for the same! How about flats supporting your statement with every dress you choose to wear? Check out some of the excellent collection of flats and shoes on Haiti sites for the unique participation of the locals to the world of fashion.

9. Crochet for a surprise!

Crochet for a surprise

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Crochet is not just a thread but can result in amazing designs and creative piece of fashion that you will adore. Speaking of the same, the creativity used by Haitian fashion with crochet blended with threads and needle, you will be surprised with the unique character it brings out of the same. A perfect rich exemplar of Woman clothing!

10. Cotton Cotton Everywhere!

Cotton Cotton Everywhere

Source: Alicdn

Cotton fabric is known to spread the charm in the most subtle and yet elegant manner. While choosing the fabric for summers, 2018 will bring amazing trendy ideas on cotton fabrics. And if customization is what you adore, you might want to check Haitian cotton dress material and fabrication at a real deal price!

11. Material for the charm

Material for the charm

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When it comes to designers and fashion geeks, suit materials are always a classic option to play with some style. Ladies suit material available on several Haitian sites will amaze you with the blend of quality and price they offer! They deliver quality at an unimaginable price you will die for.

12) Don’t forget the belts

Don’t forget the belts

Source: Onceuponabelt

With ladies in the house, fashion talks will include some classic accessorizing tools as well. Ad one of the best tool to support the same is women belts. And if you are share passion for handcrafted ones, Haitian fashion statement has a lot to offer to the beauties!

But do remember, that any fabric or color will sit only those with the right attitude! Carry a positive and encouraging attitude to look incredible in attires you always dreamt of. Do not follow the footsteps of people but create your statement.

Your soul will be your inspiration for colors and fabrics suiting your moods and wings. Not everything can look trendy on you. The justification of the word is only carried with those with a gloomy soul ready to acquire and accept the fashion that no one can imagine on their side.

If you think that grass is always greener on the side, then make sure that your footsteps also sow the other side. The right attitude and right collection go with every comfort and cozy color. If you follow the trends of fashion stated as the royal appearance in the book of history; then the time is right, and it’s yours to create another page!

7 Amazing Facts About Handmade Jewelry You Probably Didn’t Know

Made by hand, a one-of-a-kind charm has seen a recent surge in popularity. People love conveying themselves with unique accessories, Haitian Jewelry, and handmade charms are also a more ethical option than mass-produced jewelry.

handmade jewelry facts

If you’re buying a surprise for someone else or something new for your collection, buying from a person is a win-win.

Let’s have a look at seven interesting facts about handmade charms which may surprise you. And well, the charm and elegance are what it commits the most to a beautiful premise.

Making the Proper Choice

According to Forbes, today’s earrings trends are heavily centered on responsible acquiring. The fact that handcrafted earrings are a more eco-friendly option is reason enough to buy handmade jewelry.

make proper choices
(Image Source : pinimg)

Exceptional designs, better quality control, and benefiting your local economy are just topping on the cake. Upcoming time you buy rings, make a clear choice support small earrings companies. Most of the consumers, in fact, are very much appreciative towards the choice of handmade jewelry. And why not! It brings grace to their beauty after all!

Impartial Jewelry Artisans Push the Boundaries

Mass-produced charms manufacturers usually take no chances. They know they have a wide audience, so they discover what people want to buy, and rarely stray from the formula.

On the other hand, local Haitian Earrings manufacturers usually often push the envelope so they can stand out from the herd. If you want to own something a little less typical, spend some time browsing various charms makers’ work.

Impartial Jewelry Artisans
(Image Source : Blogspot)

You aren’t probably going to see some fascinating designs unlike anything at the big retailers. But you will surely admire the magnificent art which is poured out just by imaginative hands of the artiste.

Handmade Charms Is Wearable Fine art

Every craftsperson has a method and method that cannot be produced. Just like owning a painting by a famous artist, an item made by a skilled artisan can be discovered even without a hallmark.

Handmade earrings are likely to appreciate faster than mass-produced jewelry, as the worth is not produced merely from its organic materials, nevertheless value to collectors as well.

Handmade Charms
(Image Source : Alicdn)

And you might have experienced the same by yourself when you find that one fine piece of jewelry which is unique and extraordinary than any other jewelry that you might have bought from a retail store.

Hand-made jewelry is a magical performance of the artist which is rare to find in the traffic.

Custom made Pieces Are So Particular

One of the best facets of working with an individual is the capability to create the piece of your dreams. Commissioning the perfect rings or Haitian Necklaces or pendant for a loved one can be so much more meaningful than buying premade charms from a catalog.

Custom made Pieces
(Image Source : Bremer Jewelry)

You can also order something uniquely your own that lets your personality show. Customizing the art is the best serene of the whole show. You can wear the piece of art in the most beautiful pattern every possible. Well, that’s the whole beauty of handmade art!

Handmade Usually Means Better Quality

Since the charms developer oversees the complete process from beginning to end, you don’t usually have to worry about acquiring a blemished piece. In the end, the craftsperson is putting his or her name on it, and also they tend to take a great offer of pride in their work.

Handmade Usually Means Better Quality
(Image Source : Amazon)

Mass-produced Haitian Keycharms will not have the same level of quality control or passion that’s inherent in independent, handcrafted jewelry.

Handmade Earrings Is sustainable

Individual charms makers tend to be very careful with how and where they source their materials. Precious alloys, diamonds, and other gemstones are often procured under dangerous conditions, and professional mining practices damage the planet, often leading to water quality, greenhouse gas emission, and soil chafing, according to The Epoch Times.

Today’s custom fine earrings and Haitian Bracelets makers are increasing to the challenge, taking important steps to provide an alternative those earrings collectors can feel great about supporting.

Handmade Earrings Is sustainable
(Image Source : cpcache)

For beginners, independent charms makers often use eco-friendly materials, including recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. They also usually either do the labor themselves or pay local people fair salary.

Buying Handmade Jewelry Works with Small Businesses

So many earrings on the market today are made in factories overseas. When you buy handmade earrings from an individual or a tiny company, you’re helping to fuel your overall local economy and support a tiny business.

Buying Handmade Jewelry
(Image Source : pinimg)

Buying handmade charms positions a face to your source, rather than just giving your money to a corporation that is merely interested in profit.

“Handmade” Isn’t only a Buzzword

The Federal Trade Commission has strict regulations that figure out what constitutes “handmade” earrings. Based on the FTC’s website: charms businesses are required to represent segments as follows truthfully:

kind, grade, quality, quantity, metal content, size, weight, slice, color, character, treatment, compound, durability, serviceability, origin, price, value, preparation, production, produce, and distribution of the products they sell.

Handmade Isnt only a Buzzwords
(Image Source : Etsy)

Thus what does that imply for you, the customer? That means that from learn to finish, the piece has been crafted using only manual methods and side labor.

It means an artisan put time and effort into creating a fantastic work of wearable art that you can be proud to obtain. Nobody will ever before using a piece exactly like it, which makes each item special.

The Haitian Art & Craft online store includes segments like glass art, metal craft, paintings, visual art, fine art and decorative skill. Each part of a portion is admired and triggered with the handmade touch of Haiti culture and inspiration.

The Haitian Rings section of web store includes the finest assortment of accessories like bracelets, bracelets, rings, earrings and key charms.

Each shopping section is inspired by the cultural significance and fashion sense adopted in Haiti. The uniqueness is adopted with finest products available for different regions in Haiti. Users can also enjoy modern touch to the handmade products of Haiti that will astonish these superlative eminences.

12 Haitian Clothing & Apparel You Need to Buy Right Now!

Shopping is always fun especially if you can relate to the culture of the site and platform.

Sounds weird, isn’t it!

Well, I am talking about e-commerce platforms where one can buy clothes and apparels which inspired by the culture and traditions of a particular state or country.

Haitian clothing and apparels are an inspiration that reflecting the true dependence and prosperity from their cultural values. As a matter of fact, the surprising elements like beautiful art work and colorful ambiance of Haiti is a perfect reflection in each thread used to create Haiti clothing and apparels in an amazing manner and styling.

Well, the glamour of Paris and London is way too much to expect from Haitian culture, but the sense of styling is really unique in their clothing and apparels.

So let’s talk about most popular 12 Haitian clothing and apparel that one must buy today to enjoy the unique appearance and personality altogether:

1) Crochet at its best:

One of the amazing and unique styling ideas are appreciated in form of crochet embroidery. The popularity of such embroidery is heavily appreciated and popular in the streets of Haiti.

Crochet at its best

Crochet tops and beach wears is considered as one of the amazing trends to follow especially if you have a beach party to go to! Crochet is a popular choice in terms of designing beach tops, swimsuits, beach dresses and bikinis.

2) Creativity with recycled plastic:

Yes, it’s true! Locals of Haiti are particular about the wastage in their region and how to utilize the best of products that can be recycled.

Creativity with recycled plastic

In fact, bag packs made from recycled plastics is one of the most thoughtful creativity which is admired by shoppers around the world.

3)Haitian Bags and purses:

Bags and purses and always inspiring choice of fashion for every shopaholic. And Haiti is considered as one of the unique regions that offer brilliance in this segment.

Bags and purses:

  • >Crochet bags and purses:  Since crochet is categorized as one of the styling segment, the creativity is highly indulged in categories like bags as well. You will find an amazing and unique collection of bags and purses designed with crochet. In different colors and sizes, the compliment your crochet beach dresses with amazing apparel choice.
  • Leather purses and bag packs: To your surprise, the collection of leather bag packs and purses from Haiti will amaze you with the finest quality of the material and styling. The quality is sustained at a standard level where you will not regret your choice of leather bags from Haiti. In fact, this segment is one of the demanding segments on different eCommerce platforms. So make sure you include this category in your list of shopping.
4)Haitian Crochet Hats:

On a sunny day, if you are planning an outing on a beach, Haitian crochet hats will act as a perfect styling accessory.

Crochet Hats

If you wish to feel the casual and trendy styling culture of Haiti, crochet hats are considered as one of the popular choices to shop!

5) Haitian Footwear:

How can we not talk about forget if the topic is fashion of Haiti? You will be amazed to realize the styling and classic trendy footwear selection from Haiti.


From crochet fabric to leather touch, the selection of art and designing portrayed in mere footwear is incredible.

6) Cotton fabrication:

But do you find people wearing crochet beach dress everywhere? No, right! At normal arrangement where people like to enjoy a beautiful morning in Haiti, they prefer cotton fabric the most.

Cotton fabrication

As a matter of fact, cotton fabric is one of the most popular and demanding fabrication choices among Haitians. You will fall in love with the creative embroidery and design on the simplest fabric like cotton.

7)Haitian Belts:

If you are fond of different styles and patterns in belts, Haiti fashion will surprise you to the core. Not only you will find an amazing quality of leather belts, but how they utilize crochet is styling a Haitian belt will change your entire styling definition.

haitian belt

How they define such a small piece of thread into a beautiful belt is just a marvelous experience.

8) Cotton Dress Material:

Cotton from Haiti is popular in major parts of the world. The richness of Haiti cotton is appreciated everywhere as it upholds the quality of cotton to embrace the styling and trendy richness of fabric molded into different piece of fashionable apparels.

Cotton Dress Material:

9) Shirting Fabrics:

Do you wish to buy classy fabric of shirt for your brother or husband? If yes, you must try cotton fabric from Haiti which is known for a perfect fitting and molding for shirts.

Shirting Fabrics

Once you get the shirt stitched, you can feel the difference of fabric just by smooth touch.

10) Ladies Suit Material:

Cotton, without a doubt, is one of the most common and rich fabric in the globe. If we talk about material for ladies suit, cotton is known to be a perfect choice in the classification of elegance and simplicity.

Ladies Suit Material

So this time, shop the best fabrication from selection of Haitian fabrication.

So forget about those tingling words like glamour and couture from Paris, because even the street vendors of Haiti will surprise you with incredible sense of fashion and styling. Get ready to enjoy the artistic surprises from Haiti fashion.

You will be inspired by every thread of crochet beach dresses along with comfortable and trendy footwear designs speaking of Haitian richness in fashion and sense of class.

So click here to shop the amazing collection straight from the inspiring hands of designers and their extravagant experience on styling and latest trends.