Below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions on CCBoutik. Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at customer@ccboutik.com

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 Membership conditions


 How much does it cost to display items on CCBoutik? We bill you on a monthly basis based on the number of items displayed on our website. Example: you will pay 30USD a month for a maximum of 5 items and 40USD for 10 items (see reference table below).

Number of Items

Monthly Fee

Fee Calculation

1 - 5



6 - 10



11 - 15



16 - 20



21 - 25



26 - 30



31 - 35



36 - 40



41- 45



46 - 50




How will I receive funds for items sold? 

All payments made on CCBoutik.com are received through our CCBoutik bank account. These funds can be transferred on a moonthly basis to your seller account via SPIH, TchoTcho Mobile, Lajan Cash or your preffered payment method. 


Shipping Packages


Who will label packages before for shipping?

If your items are stored at your warehouse, you will print your own label before handing your package to our UPS agent.

CCBoutik will package and label all items stored directly in our warehouse. 


Should all items be stored at the CCBoutik warehouse?

Not necessarily. You can either keep them in your warehouse or ours. 


How should we give you our packages for shipping? 

Once your label is ready, notify UPS and one of our agents will come pick it up. 


What's the guarantee that the right package will go to the right person? 

You will print your own label with the recipient's shipping address and attach it to your package before handing it to our UPS agent. As long as all the entered information is accurate, your package will make it to its final destination. 

Additionally, you will be provided with a "tracking number" which you can use to follow your package from the moment it leaves your warehouse to its final destination. 

As far as articles stocked in CCBoutik's warehouse are concerned, two (2) members of our staff will be in charge of labeling and checking packages to make sure the entered information is entered. These items will also be trackable. 


What documents need to be included in each package? 

Your packages should be properly labeled with the recipient's address and should include your invoice for custom purposes.


Your return policy:  Three (3) days after receiving your product you must contact CCBoutik of any returns.  What if I want to have a different return policy? Each seller is allowed to have their own policy.


You can have your own return policy. In this case, you must include it in your profile when you create it. 


Can items showcased on CCBoutik.com be shipped to Haiti? 

CCBoutik does not deliver to local Haiti address at this time. We will notify you as soon as that service is available.